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Rejuve Wellness and aesthetics

It is to optimize your quality of life
by treating the person as a whole.

We work by closely combining wellness, beauty, fitness & aesthetics to offer services that physically & emotionally strengthen, reduce ailments, boost confidence and optimize results.

Rejuvé Wellness & Aesthetics - The ONE stop shop!


Celebrate your unique beauty and embrace self-confidence at Rejuvé Wellness and Aesthetics. Our skilled clinicians are dedicated to providing inclusive and uplifting med spa services that cater to your individual needs, allowing you to achieve remarkable results. Our diverse menu of services, spanning from well-being to aesthetics, is designed to support you in reaching your personal goals.

Rejuvé Wellness & Aesthetics’ very own Heather Smith is an expert in hormone replacement therapy and a BioTe certified provider for women and men.

Rejuvé Wellness & Aesthetics provides a safe and professional setting for non-invasive facial rejuvenation using neurotoxins and addressing skin concerns and restoring volume using dermal fillers!

Our goal at Rejuvé Wellness & Aesthetics is to provide an inviting and relaxing spa experience. We want you to look and feel your best. We offer the latest and most innovative treatments to restore vitality & youth to your skin & hair.



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