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At Rejuvé Wellness and Aesthetics, we offer Lipo-Dissolve, a non-invasive injectable treatment that can help you achieve your desired body shape without the need for surgery. This innovative treatment is an effective alternative to traditional liposuction procedures and can target stubborn localized fat resistant to diet and exercise. Our team of experienced providers will work with you to customize a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals, helping you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Lipo-Dissolve is an effective treatment for a variety of cosmetic concerns. The therapy can help break down stubborn belly fat, reduce arm flab, and address cellulite by digesting fat cells in targeted areas of the body. Additionally, Lipo-Dissolve is effective in reducing excess body fat, refining leg shape and size, and improving neck and jaw definition by reducing fat accumulations in these areas. Rejuvé Wellness and Aesthetics offers Lipo-Dissolve treatments to help you achieve your ideal body shape and boost your confidence. Schedule a consultation online to learn more about Lipo-Dissolve!

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Lipo-Dissolve is best suited for individuals with stubborn fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise. However, the treatment is not recommended for individuals not at their ideal weight, pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with soy allergies, or those with firm or fibrous fat deposits.

Most recovery time after a Lipo-Dissolve procedure is minimal, with most patients experiencing limited downtime within a day or two. While normal activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment, avoiding strenuous exercise for 72 hours is recommended. Redness, swelling, and bruising may occur but typically resolve within 10-14 days.

Following a Lipo-Dissolve procedure, visible results will become more apparent after multiple initial injections. Typically, 3 to 10 injections spaced 4-6 weeks apart are required to achieve optimal results. It is important to understand that the results may change with weight gain, pregnancy, and aging.
  • Abdominal Contour: Stubborn belly fat can be dissolved with this therapy.
  • Arm Shape & Size: The solution can be used to break down arm flab.
  • Abdominal Contour: Stubborn belly fat can be dissolved with this therapy.
  • Cellulite: Lipodissolve contains active ingredients targeted to breaking down and digesting fat cells in various areas of the body.
  • Excess Body Fat: Lipodissolve breaks down fat cells in various areas of the body.
  • Leg Shape & Size: Targeted therapy to tops of the thighs can reduce fat cell accumulations.
  • Neck & Jaw Definition: Lipodissolve can reduce fat collections in the jaw and neck.
Please wear loose and dark clothing. You should make sure you have something to eat before the procedure. Please do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory tablets, garlic, ginger, gingko, vitamin E, fish oil for 5-7 days before procedure as these can increase severity of bruising.
There is a possibility of bruising – this can last from 7-14 days. Tenderness, redness and temporary lumps can occur. There is a small incidence of infection. After the procedure, you should not use any cosmetic products or creams to the treated areas for 3-4 days.

After this time, regular massage is recommended. If there is any signs of infection, you should contact your provider immediately. There is also a chance of dysesthesia (numb sensation) to the treated areas which can last for a few weeks. Tiny lumps can form in the treated areas and if these persist after 6 weeks, an injection of steroid into the lumps can be administered to treat this.

There is also a rare complication of skin necrosis – if you notice any pale or black discolouration of the treated areas, you should contact your provider immediately.
Only one area can be treated initially. Example of one area include the abdominal bulges around the umbilicus. Treatment starts from $400 per area.